Vision and Mission


Quakertown Alive! seeks to enhance life in our community through continuing development of a thriving downtown center.  Dedicated volunteers and strong broad-based partnerships serve as a catalyst for our non-profit organization to lead Quakertown forward.



Welcoming Community and Regional Destination:

Quakertown Alive! will enhance the quality of life for our community and bring regional visitors to our downtown.  We accomplish this by sustaining current amenities, embracing the growing diversification of the town, and attracting new commercial, retail, recreational, cultural, and social activities to serve the residents of the Borough of Quakertown and the surrounding communities.  We leverage our strengths including recreational areas; historical landmarks; proximity to County and State Park lands, regional trails, economic hubs, and sporting facilities; and our reputation for a safe welcoming downtown.

Recreational Environment:

We encourage the safe utilization of our parks and public lands.  We seek and support businesses that have the products, services, and knowledge to meet the needs of local residents and regional visitors.  We encourage the growth of a pet-friendly environment in all facilities. 

A Heritage Development Environment:

The central business district actively supports programs for historic preservation and education.  The environment is strengthened by commitment to visitor hospitality and unique retail opportunities including a renowned antiques district.

Cultural Environment:

Quakertown Alive! promotes growth of a high-quality arts environment through sponsorship and promotion of public events and cultural activities.